"Pete Postlethwaite in shorts? This movie is for the ladies!"
  — Crow

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Introduction: Mike and Crow are awakened in the middle of the night by loud explosions and sound effects. Crow finds Tom Servo in the theater hosting a Summer Blockbuster Review, which he and Crow introduce with a jaunty tune, the "Blockbuster Review Uptown Toodle-oo". Tom then introduces Crow to the projectionist, Lyle.

Act One: Crow and Tom watch, riff, and attempt to sum up the trailer to The Fifth Element. They are wildly confused instead, so they continue on to make fun of an interview with Bruce Willis, some behind-the-scenes info with director Luc Besson, and a clip from the film itself.

Act Two: Mike finds the Bots in the theater just in time to have Tom introduce him as Jonathan Frakes and join them in watching the trailer for The Lost World: Jurassic Park. There follows a montage of Steven Spielberg's trademark "scenes of people looking" and some riffing on the behind-the-scenes footage.


MST3K - 1st Annual Summer Blockbuster Review-0

Act Three: Professor Bobo joins the gang in the theater when Pearl sends him to look for the SOL crew. After he drops all manner of sticky snacks all over the floor, the group watches the trailer for Men in Black, which is constantly disrupted by Bobo's annoying candy wrappers, questions, laughter, and almost "reverse riffing" being obnoxiously overenthusiastic about the film. After making Bobo leave, the crew watches and makes fun of footage of the aliens and special effects from the movie.

Act Four: Observer pops in, joining in the search for the crew. The crew makes fun of the trailer for Contact, only to be interrupted by Pearl herself. Pearl insists on switching to the trailer for Batman & Robin because of the presence of "her fiancé" George Clooney, and when Servo insults George, Pearl tosses him out of the theater and does her own summary of the film. After watching and making fun of a scene from the film and watching the wrongness that is Joel Schumacher, Pearl demands George be put back on. Crow instead shows all of the strange and unappealing men from the other trailers, causing Pearl to chase him and Mike from the theater. A shaken Servo returns to send off the show; Bobo also returns and assaults him with a barrage of movie suggestions. Many of them involve monkeys.


This is the first time the interior of the theater is shown in anything other than silhouette.

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Video Release

The special was released as part of the Mystery Science Theater 3000 Presents the 1st and 2nd Annual MST3K Summer Blockbuster Review bonus disc from Shout! Factory. It was a free gift to purchasers of Mystery Science Theater 3000: Volume XXXVI directly from Shout!

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