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The Special

MST3K - Armageddon

MST3K - Armageddon


Introduction: Mike and Tom are chilling on the SOL bridge when Crow dashes up: the crew must save the world by informing the citizens of the United States about their obligated summer movie duties. Mike and Tom really aren't that enthusiastic, but nonetheless join in on the "End of the Summer" theme song. They then riff on clips from X-Files: Fight the Future and Ever After.

Act One: The crew next checks out footage from Halloween: H20 (or as Mike calls it, Halloween Water) and The Truman Show.


Crow's "Goshzilla"

Act Two: The gang proceeds to be very confused by the independent film π, and then makes fun of Saving Private Ryan and its "animated rip-off" Small Soldiers. Crow then notes that the SOL crew wanted to show clips from a certain film but can't due to legal reasons. What follows is Crow's version, Goshzilla, which is arguably better than the real film anyway.

Act Three: Mike and the Bots, for the finale, review clips from Deep Impact and Armageddon. As the credits roll, Servo notes the small chance that an actual comet will ever hit the Earth, ironically unaware that one is on a direct collision course with the SOL.


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