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The Special


MST3K Academy of Robots' Choice Awards Preview Special (in Stereo) 1998-0


Introduction: The Satellite of Love crew receives a call from Vice-President (at the time) Al Gore, who asks them to do a special based on the Academy Awards! Mike is reluctant until Vice-President Gore offers him a favor, upon which everyone races into the theater and sings the elegant "Academy of Robots' Choice Awards Special Song".

Act One: Mike and the Bots review scenes from Mrs. Brown, The Wings of the Dove, and Good Will Hunting. Mike becomes obsessed with new titles involving puns similar to Good Will Hunting. The Bots are slightly disturbed.

Act Two: Next comes scenes from As Good as It Gets, followed by comments about the poor amount of nominations the acclaimed Amistad had. Next comes Titanic, and like the movie itself, the riffing on the film goes on and on and on...

Act Three: The SOL crew is running out of time, and so follows several quick reviews of short clips from Jackie Brown, Boogie Nights, Deconstructing Harry, a lengthier one of L.A. Confidential, and finally, the crew's choice for Best Picture (in spite of its lack of a nomination)... Starship Troopers! The Bots then depart to finish cleaning up from the special, leaving Mike alone on the phone with Vice-President Gore, who attempts to do some riffing of his own on the movies. Mike ends up thoroughly disgusted.


Obscure References

  • Crow makes note of Gus Van Sant's resemblance to the character Elliot Carlin (Jack Riley) from The Bob Newhart Show.