"Aloha" (full title "Aloha (With Florence Gypsy, the Last of the Ice-Cold Mamas)") is a musical number performed by Gypsy (in the role of "Florence Gypsy") and is the fifth host segment of Experiment #1104 Avalanche.

Transcript and lyrics

[At the SOL Crow T. Robot and Tom Servo are dressed in tuxedos. Crow is playing piano while Jonah is controlling the sound of audience cheers and laughter with buttons]

TOM: Ladies and gentlemen, the Satellite of Love presents "Aloha!", an evening of songs and stories from the last of the ice-cold mamas, Florence Gypsy!

[Gypsy swoops in and the audience applauds]



You can cry wondering why
That guy said good-bye
But snow gets in your eye


You know, ladies and gentlemen, life is a banquet, and most poor suckers are buried in snow. [audience and Gypsy laughs] I'm here all week. Yeah.


Snowflakes Falling like the memories
How can my heart sing
When my tongue's stuck
To the flagpole of life?


[audience and Gypsy laughs] My first love was my third husband. I said, "Eskimos have 50 words for snow", but I only have one word for you, "and that's 'divorce.'" [laughter] I said it right to his face.

[audience and Gypsy laughs] [upbeat piano music playing]


They buried me
In snow and ice
But I'm here
They threw me off a cliff
Once or twice
But I'm still here
Then blew up my ambulance
Real nice
But I'm Still here

[cheers and applause]

[In Moon 13]

KINGA: Listen to those pipes. Pure PVC.

MAX: Call it a comeback? I say she never left!

KINGA: Push the button, Max.

MAX: Okay.

[Max pushes the button, ending the broadcast]