"Welcome, to Roman Times!"
Roman times

Pearl and Brain Guy in Roman Times being welcomed by ruler Callipygeas.

Ancient Rome is the setting of the Mads host segments for the Season 8-episodes Prince of Space (in which it was introduced in the last host segment) through Space Mutiny.


The Mads and the SOL-crew ended up in Ancient Rome (where curiously everyone speaks perfect English) after they followed Professor Bobo into a wormhole that threw them all back in time. While the SOL remained in orbit around the earth, Pearl Forrester and Brain Guy went down to Rome and tried to make the local people believe they were gods. They also found Bobo again, who had lost his memory as a result of the wormhole-trip and was now a local hero called The Mad Goth.

When Bobo got his memory back, he accidentally revealed that he and his fellow Mads weren’t really gods, so they where all locked up in a dungeon (in Space Mutiny). They managed to escape thanks to Brain Guy and left Rome, but not before Bobo accidentally started a huge fire that destroyed the city, a possible reference to the Great Fire of Rome.

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