For the MST3K episode, see MST3K 622 - Angels Revenge.


After the brother of Michelle Wilson (a Las Vegas pop singer) is found severely beaten, the young man is found to have been using illegal drugs. The singer meets with April, her brother's teacher, and the two hatch a plan to destroy the local drug processing plant. They recruit four more women with special skills and connections to help them carry out their audacious goal. One of April's students also joins the group in a support capacity.

The "Angels" not only destroy the processing plant, but also manage to intercept one of the shipments. As a result, the women receive unwelcome attention from the local drug cartel.



  • Angels Revenge

    April - the teacher/group ringleader - was played by the late Jacqulin Cole, wife of writer/director Greydon Clark.
  • Director Greydon Clark appears briefly as the film director on the movie set where April and Michelle recruit Terry.
  • Susan Kiger, who plays singer Michelle Wilson was a Playboy Playmate of the month in 1977.
  • Despite the film's supposed anti-drug message, actresses Robin Greer and Liza Greer (who played Elaine and Trish respectively) revealed their experiences with drugs and prostitution in Hollywood at the time this film was made in a tell-all book that they wrote in the 1990s.
  • In his autobiography On the Cheap: My Life in Low Budget Film Making Greydon Clark says that he's often asked about MST3K's take on his film. "Some of the stuff those guys did was very funny, some not so much. The same could be said for my film itself." He objected to editing out Neville Brand and he was most bothered that the movie had been sold by the distributor so he didn't receive any money for it. "If your film is insulted on national television, it would've been nice to at least see a few bucks from it."
  • Executive producer Louis George also worked on Final Justice with Greydon Clark.
  • Angels Revenge became a RiffTrax presentation performed by Bridget Nelson and Mary Jo Pehl in 2017. It contained several scenes that were cut from the MST3K version, including the entire subplot with actor Neville Brand.
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