• 1968Bob Mark
  • 1981William O'Brien
  • 1984Francis De Wolff
  • 1984 — Sandy Haver
  • 1987Alfeo Bocchicchio
  • 1991Leon Selznick
  • 1995Chuck Painter
  • 2009Michael Crane
  • 2012Robert O. Ragland
  • 2017Yvonne Monlaur
  • 2023Horst Ebersberg

Movie Premieres[]

Episode Premieres[]


  • 1966 — At the 38th Academy Awards, the following awards were presented:
    • Martin Balsam wins the Best Supporting Actor Award for his role in A Thousand Clowns.
    • Shelley Winters wins the Best Supporting Actress Award for her role in A Patch of Blue.
    • Ernest Laszlo wins the Best Cinematography (Black and White) Award for Ship of Fools.
    • Freddie Young wins the Best Cinematography (Color) Award for Doctor Zhivago.
    • Joseph Kish and Robert Clatworthy win the Best Art Direction (Black and White) Award for Ship of Fools.
    • Julie Harris wins the Best Costume Design (Black and White) Award for Darling.