For the episode, see MST3K 1206 - Ator, the Fighting Eagle.

Ator, the Fighting Eagle is a 1982 sword-and-sorcery adventure film directed by Joe D'Amato (credited as David Hills). It is the first in a series of films to feature the character Ator, as played by Miles O'Keeffe.


Ator, a prophesied hero, is adopted by a peasant family as a baby. When he is older, his plan to marry his adoptive sister is thwarted when she is abducted by a villainous cult leader. Ator must rescue his love and defeat the cultists.


  • Miles O'Keeffe as Ator
  • Sabrina Siani as Roon
  • Ritza Brown as Sunya
  • Dakar as High Priest of the Spider Cult
  • Nello Pazzafini as Bardak
  • Edmund Purdom as Griba


  • The trailer for Season 12 of Mystery Science Theater 3000 (released on November 12, 2018) revealed that Ator, the Fighting Eagle would be one of the films riffed.
  • This film is also a RiffTrax presentation, released in 2017. It is available here.
  • Miles O'Keeffe would return as Ator in The Blade Master (AKA Cave Dwellers, which would become Experiment #301). The sequel was also directed by Joe D'Amato and was released in America in 1984.
  • O'Keeffe would reprise the role of Ator in 1987's Iron Warrior, a production which did not involve D'Amato.[1]
  • Joe D'Amato released Ator 4 (AKA Quest for the Mighty Sword) in 1990, in which O'Keeffe does not appear. It features Eric Allen Kramer as Son of Ator.

Critical Response

  • Leonard Maltin wrote: "BOMB. Ridiculous Italian-made imitation of Conan the Barbarian."[2]
  • Michael Weldon stated in The Psychotronic Video Guide, "This was the first of several PG-rated lunkhead muscleman adventures made just after the first Conan. Miles O'Keeffe (Bo Derek's Tarzan) stars. It's pretty bad but not as bad as the sequels. With Edmund Purdom as Griba, blond beauty Sabrina Siani, Laura Gemser, Ritza Brown, a "tarantula man", and a visit to "the land of the walking dead". The Blade Master, Iron Warrior, and Quest for the Mighty Sword followed."


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