Barbara "Barb" Tebben was the MST3K Info Club Poobah from 1996 to 2007, succeeding Julie Walker. Known online as "Barbbb," she was responsible for operations of the club and processing fan mail as well as making official online announcements on behalf of Best Brains, Inc.

Tebben started at Best Brains as a temp in 1993 for data-entry work.[1] She also worked under Julie Walker, assisting her with Info Club work. When Walker left the company, Tebben assumed her duties. Her hiring was announced by Mary Jo Pehl in the Holiday 1996 issue of the Satellite News newsletter in an article which described her as "a power-mad megalomaniacal military strong-man demagogue who enjoys gardening."[2]

The Info Club, and Tebben's role in it, ceased operations entirely in October 2007 when Jim Mallon relaunched as the official online presence and merchandise catalog of Best Brains.[3]

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