Baron Vaughn (Born 1980 in New Mexico) is an American comedian, actor and writer.

In November, 2015, it was announced that Vaughn would be involved in the crowd-funded revival of Mystery Science Theater 3000. He provides the voice of Tom Servo (as well as operating the mouth), which he also did for the videos produced in support of the Kickstarter campaign, including a bumper for Turkey Day '15.

Baron Vaughn did not perform as Tom Servo during any of the live tour shows. After the announcement that there would no additional seasons of MST3K produced for Netflix, Vaughn's potential involvement with any future MST3K projects is unclear. He still lists Tom Servo among his roles in his Twitter profile, and promotes MST3K-related projects (such as the Live Riff-Along) even though he is not involved.

Baron Vaughn is the former co-host of the podcast "Maltin on Movies" with Leonard Maltin.

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