Beeper is a small, silver robot who lived in the Satellite of Love alongside Joel, Crow and Gypsy in the early days of the "Mystery Science Theater" experiment.


Beeper was enthusiastic and energetic, despite his limited mobility. He spoke almost exclusively in beeps and whistles that only Crow could understand.

Behind the Scenes

Beeper appeared in the unaired pilot for MST3K. His performer, Josh Weinstein, found the puppet to be difficult to handle, plus he was not happy about Beeper's limited expression. The Beeper puppet would ultimately be reworked into Tom Servo.

Beeper was vaguely shaped like the ultimate Servo, with funnel-shaped shoulders, silver rubber tube arms, and a rotating eye for a head and a small fishbowl for a helmet.

Although he never appeared on the show proper, Beeper was mentioned in the first episode. Tom Servo would debut in the next episode and Beeper was never mentioned on the show again.

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