Beer is an alcoholic beverage produced by fermented starches. Beer is made with malted barley, hops, yeast and water the beverage is often carbonated. Humans have been making beer for many thousands of years.

Modern beer is often available in can or bottled form and is made by a number of breweries. Due to the large industrial settings, major breweries have stood in for industrial locations several times in films over the years.

The character of Mitchell in the movie Mitchell and Zap Rowsdower from The Final Sacrifice were noted for their love of beer. Mitchell preferred to drink Schlitz beer and to drink it out of cans. (His new "friend" Greta wanted it in a glass, though). After a night of heavy drinking Mitchell would often have empty beer cans strewn about his apartment. Rowsdower preferred to drink bottled beer and would put the empties in the back of his pickup truck. This came in useful when escaping a couple cultists trying to escape him when he threw a box of empties out of his truck in an attempt to disable the cultists car. Both characters were roundly mocked by the Satellite of Love crew for their rather copious consumption of beer.

After convincing Pearl Forrester to never send them a bad Joe Don Baker film with a sheriff collapsing multiple times, Mike Nelson decided to celebrate the victory by drinking a Bud light. He however was not able to keep from tripping.

While taking a break from watching Girl in Gold Boots, Crow attempted to pour beer on Mike's most treasured possessions, which did not quite work the way he planned.

Owing to Wisconsin being the home state of Michael J. Nelson and the history of beers in that state beers originally produced in Wisconsin - such as Old Milwaukee, and Schlitz - were often remarked upon in various episodes.

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