Beth "Beez" McKeever

Beth "Beez" McKeever (born December 2, 1969) is a wardrobe stylist, costume designer and art director who worked as a costumer, "prop diva" and occasional guest star on Mystery Science Theater 3000


Ms. McKeever is a Twin Cities native. She attended the University of Minnesota (like Peter Graves), where she earned a degree in Theater Arts. During college, she claims to have waited on Frank Conniff and Mary Jo Pehl while working in a restaurant. She briefly had a job at a company that makes the large, life-size costumes for Muppets characters in ice arenas and other venues.

After college, McKeever submitted a resume to Best Brains and was hired at the beginning of Season 7. She began assisting Prop Master Helena Espinosa, who had taken the position after Toolmaster Jef Maynard and Patrick Brantseg departed. By the middle of the season, her title was "Prop Assistant". After Season 7, Espinosa departed and Brantseg returned. McKeever was then promoted to the position of "Prop Diva".

McKeever and Brantseg shared prop-making duties and she was also responsible for creating or acquiring the costumes seen on the show. She was also responsible for purchasing the disparate items that were made into props, costumes, or set pieces. She also assisted with production in other ways (see Notes below). In her costume-making duties, she reportedly tried her best to make the costumes comfortable even when they silly or impractical.

Ms. McKeever began appearing on-camera in Season 7's The Incredible Melting Man as part of the focus group. She then appeared several times during Seasons 8 and 9. She continued to work as "Prop Diva", but did not appear on-camera during Season 10.

Following the end of Mystery Science Theater 3000, Ms. McKeever remained associated with the subsequent projects of several of the other performers and writers. She made props for the four Film Crew productions, and also provided the voice of Bob Honcho's secretary. She also performed in and designed costumes for the interactive media experience Darkstar, which also featured several former MST3K actors (and Peter Graves).

Beth McKeever returned for the crowd-funded revival of Mystery Science Theater 3000 in 2017. She provided puppet costumes for several episodes in Season 11 and for Experiment #1201 Mac and Me in Season 12. In June of 2021, Joel Hodgson announced that Beez McKeever would be part of the writing staff for Season 13, in addition to her work on props and costumes.

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  • When BBI was shooting the footage of Pearl inside the "Widowmaker" for the show's opening sequence, the crew found that the blinkers on the VW bus didn't work--but they wanted them to. Ms. McKeever recalls that she found herself "lying on the floor inside the VW, hidden under a blanket and pushing a button that would make the blinkers go on and off."
  • Ms. McKeever is a fan of the musician Prince.
  • During the credits for Experiment #905 The Deadly Bees, Ms. McKeever is credited as "Deadly Beez McKeever".
  • Ms. McKeever's parents Tom and Edna McKeever are among the 22 actors featured in the pancake breakfast scene during Quest of the Delta Knights.


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