"Below the Dam" is a song sung primarily by Gypsy, with Jonah, Tom, Crow, M. Waverly and Growler joining in. They sing it while a particularly difficult underwater scene from Killer Fish plays out during Experiment #1205.


I see seaweed and more seaweed
Say, I think I see a ray
No, it's just seaweed
I sure would be ecstatic
If seaweed were my jam
It's a crappy kind of paradise
Below the dam

Will I see many sea anemones?
No, no there are
No sea anemones to see
But though I don't see barracuda
Or a school of ahi tuna
I'll still rip off Jaws 1 and 2 and 3

Oh, my God, that's Tony!
I didn't recognize him. He lost weight!

Actually, I'm his brudda!
What are ya gonna do? I'm dead!

Whatever's left of Tony
Just gave me a wave
Sitting at the bottom
Of his watery grave
These bodies are picked over
Like a holiday ham
Never try to pull
A double-cross below...
...the dam

(extended instrumental, as Growler gets "stuck in a groove")

Is a 44-foot swordfish
Sure to cut you in two?

Or will an orca spork
Your organs for a mulligan stew?

Oh, mama! Killer fish!

Oh, man, I knew it! Kazam!
In the flora and the fauna
Here's a jillion piranha
Be our guest while we ingest you
And of all your flesh divest you
You can spray your poison spray can
We'll still chew you up like ba-can

(Jonah unterrupts, objecting to that last rhyme)

Take your GemLock box and scram
Before they turn you into Spam
Crow: We really mean it!
Here below
The dam


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