MST3k- Billy Frank in Hobgoblins

Billy Frank

Billy Frank is a property master, designer, executive producer, actor and assistant director.

Billy began his career in music clearance for ASCAP and soon after moved to Dick Clark Productions, working on many hit syndicated shows for Mr. Clark. Coincidentally, Billy's own production company, Make It Happen Productions, has been recently tapped by Music Choice to produce Inside Rising Star, a Dick Clark Production.

Before long, Billy was producing alongside some of the biggest names in the business. Partnering with Bank of America, he traveled the world for the international launch campaigns for the Olympic Games, worked with Les Moonves on spoof campaigns that assisted the sales of CBS's Survivor to multi-million dollar advertisers and executive produced the main title open for The Tonight Show with Jay Leno that ran from 2002-2010. Billy works with major networks and corporations and aids with their strategy and creative solutions, not only as an Executive Producer, but also as a DGA Director. Billy's acting credits are sparse and mostly consist of low-budget or DTV B-movie features.

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