Bridget Nelson (born September 24, 1964), also credited as Bridget Jones or Bridget Jones Nelson, is a former writer for MST3K and has been married to Michael J. Nelson since 1990.

Bridget played various recurring or guest characters on the show in addition to co-writing. Her characters include Mr. B Natural, Nuveena, Flavia and Darlene.

In June 2015, Bridget teamed up with Mary Jo Pehl in a new series of short and feature film riffs for RiffTrax.

In 2017 she began her (approximately) one-minute podcast Instead of Tweeting.

Guest Apperances

RiffTrax Appearances

Personal quotes

  • "When I started on the show, Mike and I were engaged. I was writing scripts at home, so Mike would come home and the movie was still on the VCR, and he’d be like, “Oh, God—please!”"
  • "We didn’t have the Internet when we started, so our references were from our own brains. There was no looking stuff up."

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