For the episode, see MST3K 1112 - Carnival Magic.

Carnival Magic is 1981 family film directed by Al Adamson and starring Don Stewart. It involves the the trials and tribulations of a small carnival as its fortunes are radically changed by the introduction of a talking chimpanzee to its lineup.


At the Stoney Martin Carnival, interpersonal difficulties arise between the carnival's star attraction - lion tamer Kirk - and secretive magician Markov the Magnificent. Upon demand from Kirk, Stoney is forced to fire Markov, but relents when his daughter "Bud" reveals that Markov's secret is a talking chimpanzee named Alexander; just the kind of attraction that could turn around the failing carnival's fortunes.

Alex proves to be a smash success and Kirk, envious of Markov's rise to prominence and angered by his own equivalent decline, conspires with an unethical animal researcher who wishes to experiment upon Alex, including vivisection.

Meanwhile, Stoney has to deal with the inevitable maturation of his daughter (now going by her birth name of Ellen) as she and publicity man David fall in love and plan to marry.

Learning of Alex's kidnapping by Kirk, the carnies band together, storm the research center, and are ultimately able to rescue Alex.



  • Carnival Magic was, for years, considered a lost film, despite its relatively recent creation. A clean print was finally unearthed in 2009, leading to its remastering, release on home video and, finally, its use on Mystery Science Theater 3000.


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