Castle Forrester

Castle Forrester is the setting of the Mads host segments for seasons 9 through 10. It first appeared in show #901 The Projected Man when The Mads and the SOL crew returned to present day Earth after their trip trough time and space.

The castle belonged to Pearl Forrester's ancestors, and it was implied that their "spirits" remained connected to the Castle. The Castle was accessible to local peasants. The Castle has hosted some misled cruise passengers (Experiment #911) and the pancake breakfast for the Delta Knights (Experiment #913).

In Horrors of Spider Island (Experiment #1011), Pearl became annoyed with a local ordinance requiring her to pay for a monkey license, so she had the Castle moved to a less costly municipality (at great expense). At the end of the episode, she had it moved back.

At the end of Diabolik (Experiment #1013), Castle Forrester was abandoned by Pearl, Professor Bobo, and Brain Guy, who all moved on to other projects.

It is unknown where on Earth Castle Forrester is located, or what has become of it since its inhabitants left.

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