Season 4 is the fourth national season (fifth overall) of Mystery Science Theater 3000. It aired on Comedy Central from June 6, 1992 to January 30, 1993. It consists of twenty-four episodes, the same as Seasons 3, 5 and 6 (and longer than any other seasons).

Mystery Science Theater 3000 Information Club membership packets sent during 1992 included an episode guide that listed the planned episodes for the then-ongoing Season 4, with a disclaimer that the season was "tentative and may change!" Among the changes to the season were the re-arranging of several episodes (Crash of Moons moved from 414 to 417, replaced by Tormented, which was originally set to be 418, etc.) and the removal of one film, originally announced as episode 416: the western Charro! starring Elvis Presley.

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