Crow, Joel, Mike, and Tom in a promotional still from season ten's Soultaker.

Here you will find a list of the Main and Recurring Characters from Mystery Science Theater 3000. The main characters can essentially be divided into two groups, the crew of the Satellite of Love who riff on the films, and the mad scientists and assorted lackeys who control the movie experiments. There were also a few notable and memorable "guests" who would drop in from time to time.

The Crew of the Satellite of Love

  • Joel Robinson - the janitor who became the Mads' first test subject.
  • Mike Nelson - the temp that the Mads used to replace Joel.
  • Jonah Heston - the inventor/pilot that the Mads used to reopen the Mystery Science Theater.
  • Crow T. Robot - the gold robot who sits on the right side of the theater.
  • Tom Servo - the red robot who sits on the left side of the theater.
  • Gypsy - the tall purple robot who runs the higher functions of the ship.
  • Cambot - the small robot that films each episode.
  • Magic Voice - the disembodied voice of the satellite.
  • The Nanites - a race of billions of microscopic machines that live on the SOL.

The Mads

Bite Me

TV's Frank and Dr. Forrester, the longest-running set of Mads in the series.

  • Dr. Clayton Forrester - the evil scientist who started the experiments.
  • Dr. Laurence Erhardt - Dr. Forrester's original partner in crime.
  • TV's Frank - Dr. Forrester's hapless (and oft tormented) henchman.
  • Pearl Forrester - Dr. Forrester's domineering mother and successor.
  • Professor Bobo - A humanoid monkey from the ape-controlled future Earth.
  • Dr. Peanut - Professor Bobo's simple-minded assistant.
  • The Observers - a race of omnipotent beings who carry their brains around in bowls.
  • Brain Guy - An Observer who became one of Pearl's henchmen.
  • Kinga Forrester - Dr. Forrester's beautiful but evil daughter and successor
  • Max - Kinga's henchman, who wants to be known as "TV's Son of TV's Frank", but "no one calls him that".

Recurring Characters

PDVD 025

Conniff, Nelson (as Torgo), and Beaulieu in an outtake from Manos.

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