For the episode, see MST3K K16 - City on Fire.

City on Fire is a 1979 disaster movie directed by Alvin Rakoff.


A disgruntled oil refinery worker sabotages a major city with incendiary devices. As the metropolis burns, firefighters and emergency responders try to minimize the damage. Government officials also react.


  • Barry Newman as Dr. Frank Whitman
  • Susan Clark as Diana Brockhurst-Lautrec
  • Shelley Winters as Nurse Andrea Harper
  • Leslie Nielsen as Mayor William Dudley
  • James Franciscus as Jimbo
  • Ava Gardner as Maggie Grayson
  • Henry Fonda as Fire Chief Risley


  • The film was partially financed by the government agency Telefilm Canada and filmed on a relatively confined budget. Some of the fire sequences utilized stock footage from both existing movies and news footage. City on Fire was ultimately a failed venture for the company and had a limited run at the American box office. [1]

MST3K Connections[]

Critical Response[]

  • Leonard Maltin wrote: "One-and-a-half stars. Dull, fill-in-the-blanks disaster film [...] Good cast wasted. For pyromaniacs only."[1]
  • Gene Siskel picked this movie as his Dog of the Week on the October 4, 1979 episode of Sneak Previews.
  • Received Dishonorable Mentions for Worst Picture, Worst Supporting Actress (for Ava Gardner), and Least Special Special Effects categories in the 1979 Stinkers Bad Movie Awards.


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