The cover to Clowns in the Sky II.

Clowns in the Sky II is the title of a CD featuring music from the eighth and ninth seasons of Mystery Science Theater 3000. Released in 1998 exclusively through the MST3K Info Club, it served as a update to Clowns in the Sky for songs that had been written after the first CD's release. The songs featured include the second-to-last version of the opening theme, the closing theme, and the best of various tunes that were featured in host segments throughout the show. It also includes the three theme songs written for the Sci-Fi Channel Summer Blockbuster and Academy Awards specials. Unfortunately, it came out prior to season ten, and so has none of the songs from the final season.

Clowns in the Sky II is now out of print. However, on December 29th, 2009, this and the previous album were released as a compilation on iTunes and

Songs & Sketches Featured

  1. Season 8 Theme Song
  2. Satellite Hootenanny (The Deadly Mantis)
  3. Digger Smolkin Medley (The Undead)
  4. When I Held Your Brain In My Arms (Terror from the Year 5000)
  5. 1997 Summer Blockbuster Review Theme (1st Annual Summer Blockbuster Review)
  6. The Funky Seventies (Riding with Death)
  7. Sodium! (The Horror of Party Beach)
  8. Loving Lovers Love (Overdrawn at the Memory Bank)
  9. Where, Oh Werewolf (Werewolf)
  10. 1998 Academy Of Robots Choice Awards Special (Academy of Robots' Choice Awards Special)
  11. Stay! (The Deadly Bees)
  12. Hobgoblins (Hobgoblins)
  13. 1998 Blockbuster Review Theme (2nd Annual Summer Blockbuster Review)
  14. The Canada Song (The Final Sacrifice)
  15. Air On A Delta Knight (Quest of the Delta Knights)
  16. MST Love Theme
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