"Concepts!" is a song performed primarily by Tom Servo with Jonah, Crow T. Robot, Kinga Forrester and Max. They are accompanied by Growler and M. Waverly. It is Tom's response to all the different concepts found in the film The Day Time Ended during Experiment #1204. It is an upbeat song, done in the style of the patter song "Ya Got Trouble" from the musical The Music Man.

The Set-Up

(JONAH and CROW are sitting at typewriters)
JONAH: Okay, here we go. The Day Time Ended, Scene 1.
CROW: Man, I can't wait for the two of us to co-write this riveting, completely coherent sci-fi story.
TOM: (pops up wearing a straw hat and tie) Did somebody say coherent?
CROW: Oh, who in the Sam Hill are you?
TOM: Professor Harold Servo's the name, traveling script doctor's the game. And I'm here just in time to keep you two from making a grave mistake!
JONAH: Mistake?
TOM: What was it your little tin friend just said?
CROW: Well, technically, I'm equal parts titanium and spirit gum.
JONAH: Well, he said, coherent sci-fi story.
TOM: There's your problem right there! You two jackanapes are going about this all cockeyed! Hit it, Joe!
(GROWLER and M. WAVERLY appear playing piano and banjo respectively as the song begins)



So the word on the street
Is you got a little movie 'bout time
In particular, the day it's gonna end

JONAH: Yeah.

Well, friends, an ordinary movie man
Might make an unassuming
Three-act structure, conflict here
And act break there
Inciting incident, hero's journey
All of that Syd Field flapadoodle

CROW: Flapadoodle?

But I say, friends, if you wanna
Get the drop on a modern-day audience
Of rubes, you gotta bamboozle 'em
Sweet Jerusalem!
Here's the news, youse twos
Gonna be a doozy
You can't lose when ya choose to use
A lot of concepts

JONAH: Concepts?
CROW: Concepts?

Gotta stock 'em up
Chock full o' concepts!
Premises, plot points
Anything and everything
Throw 'em all at the wall, ya'll
Just pack in the action
Don't care if the events
Don't make no sense, gents!
They're gonna flip their lids
No kiddin' when your script's overridden
And veritably dripping with concepts!

JONAH: Okay, mister, we like the cut of your moxie.
CROW: But can you help us apply this method to our movie?
TOM: Darn tootin'! Everybody throw on a skimmer hat and a one-piece striped bathing suit and let's dive right in.

Octagonal solar-powered house
In the desert with a stable in the back?
Not bad for a start! But pals
Let me ask you, hows about a pyramid?

JONAH and CROW: A pyramid!

A great big green glowing pyramid
It beeps and it boops
And it vanishes a pony
And it gets so small
You can put it in your pocket
Then it shows up later and glows
Nobody knows what it does
Does it matter? Heck, no!
'Cause we're already moving on


To a little elf, dancin' in the bedroom
Naked as a light green jaybird!
Has he got a single thing to do
With the movin' of the plot?
Who cares?


And oh, did I mention?
You're gonna need
A kettle full o' spaceships

JONAH: Spaceships!
CROW Yeah!

Pretty white lights
Two-steppin' overhead
With a slow-poke alien shop vac
And when you go for a walk
With your wife in the desert
There's a couple whizzin' by
Like a Paterson Runabout
Then, when you get home later
Somebody's turnin'
Bug-zapper lights on and off
In the kitchen!
But I digress.


Now we're only 40 minutes
Into the movie.
So that's when we hit 'em
With the ol' Jack Johnson
With a pretty pair
Of clay-mated monsters
One looks like a Ninja Turtle
Made of lava
With a quintuple-decker mess
Of mammaries
And the other is a big
Mean kitty-cat doggy
Who with no reason bites on
The other one


Yes, sir-ee, take it from me
You can bet your Robert McKee


Indeed, we need to succeed
We'll take heed and follow your lead


Your gist consists of this
Pile twist upon twist
And we can't miss!


Empty out your drafts folder


How 'bout a trinary supernova?


Yeah, you see? It's a piece of cake!


Oh, could they also grill some steak?




Bring on, and on and on and on
Those concepts!

The Aftermath

Tom: Hot dog! So then, hows many can I put youse down for?
Crow: We'll take the lot!
Tom: Twenty-eight skiddoo!
Jonah: (fixing his typewriter) Oh, this jammed, we're gonna have to start over. (Movie Sign blares) Oh, we got Movie Sign!
(Everybody runs off)


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