It's bold enough to bulldog your taste buds and hogtie your tongue! IT'S BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLD!
  — "Cowboy" Mike

Cowboy Mike's Old Original Red Hot Ricochet Barbeque Sauce is one of Mike Nelson's few invention exchanges from Experiment 612 The Starfighters.

During the segment, Mike would empahsize the fact that the sauce is, "BOLD!", and the cowboy hats the bots would be wearing would shoot off when Mike would yell, "RIC-O-SHAAAAAAAAAY!"

When Dr. Clayton Forrester tried it, he thought that the sauce wasn't that bold. In fact it was decidedly unbold. Mike then came out with an "EXTRA BOLD" version, which he states is, "Not reccomended for human consumption", and, "No known antidote" for the extra bold sauce.

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