For the MST3K episode, see MST3K 1102 - Cry Wilderness.

Cry Wilderness is a 1987 family movie that was directed and co-produced by Jay Schlossberg-Cohen.


A boy flees his oppressive boarding school in order to save his father, a forest ranger, who is in danger. He is helped by a Bigfoot-like creature, whom he had befriended the previous summer.


  • Eric Foster - Paul Cooper
  • Maurice Grandmaison - Will Cooper
  • John Tallman - Jim
  • Griffin Casey - Morgan Hicks
  • Faith Clift - Dr. Helen Foster
  • Navarre Perry - Mr. Douglas


  • Many of the locations used in this film are in California, including the Old Los Angeles Zoo which served as Bigfoot's cave.
  • Writer Philip Yorman had won an Academy Award for Best Story for the 1954 western Broken Lance.


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