Space Mutiny- Dirk Hardpeck

A fan-created demotivational poster summing up some of the episode's riffs.

Dave Ryder is a spaceship pilot in the movie Space Mutiny, riffed in Experiment #820. He is played by Reb Brown. Mike and the Bots ridicule the character largely for his weightlifter build and shrill screaming.

Nicknames for Dave Ryder[]

One of the running gags in the episode is the many nicknames Mike and the Bots give to Ryder.

Order Riffer Nickname
1 Crow Slab Bulkhead!
2 Servo Fridge Largemeat!
3 Mike Punt Speedchunk!
4 Crow Butch Deadlift!
5 Crow Bold Bigflank!
6 Mike Splint Chesthair!
7 Mike Flint Ironstag!
8 Crow Bolt Vanderhuge!
9 Mike Thick McRunfast!
10 Mike Blast Hardcheese!
11 Crow Buff Drinklots!
12 Servo Trunk Slamchest!
13 Crow Fist Rockbone!
14 Mike Stump Beefknob!
15 Servo Smash Lampjaw!
16 Crow Punch Rockgroin!
17 Mike Buck Plankchest!
18 Crow Stump Chunkmen!
19 Servo Dirk Hardpec!
20 Mike Rip Steakface!
21 Crow Slate Slabrock!
22 Servo Crud Bonemeal!
23 Mike Brick HardMeat!
24 Crow Rip Slagcheek!
25 Servo Punch Sideiron!
26 Mike Gristle McThornbody!
27 Crow Slate Fistcrunch!
28 Mike Buff Hardback!
29 Servo Bob Johnson! Oh, wait...
30 Servo Blast Thickneck!
31 Crow Crunch Buttsteak!
32 Mike Slab Squatthrust!
33 Servo Lump Beefbroth!
34 Crow Touch Rustrod!
35 Mike Reef Blastbody!
36 Mike Big McLargeHuge!
37 Mike Smoke ManMuscle!
38 Servo Eat Punchbeef!
39 Mike Hack Blowfist!
40 Mike Roll Fizzlebeef!

When Space Mutiny was re-riffed by RiffTrax for a live presentation, three new names were added: Lunk Drywall! (by Mike), Stiff Shakestone! (by Kevin) and Thump Peqwich! (by Bill).