MST3k Director David Worth

"David Worth-less!" -Joel Robinson

David Worth (born 1943) is an American director and cinematographer. Among his credits are: Bronco Billy, Any Which Way You Can (both with Clint Eastwood), Innerspace, Bloodsport, American Tigers (with Joe Estevez), True Vengeance (with Daniel Bernhardt), The Prophet's Game (with Robert Ginty and Michael Dorn), and the Shark Attack trilogy (with Casper Van Dien).

In 1994, Worth was among the featured guests at the first ConventioCon ExpoFest-A-Rama. During his ConventioCon appearance, Worth revealed (among other things) that when he was first hired as the writer/director of Warrior of the Lost World, the producers showed him an already-designed poster for the film and instructed him to create a movie around it. He also appeared on a DVD interview discussing that same film when the episode was officially released.

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