The mads have a new threat for the SOL crew. It's only not obvious if you can't read the caption.

Deep Hurting is a concept first mentioned by Dr. Forrester and TV's Frank during the Invention Exchange of experiment #410, Hercules Against the Moon Men. Rather than showing an invention up front, the Mads ominously promised that Deep Hurting would be "woven into the fabric of today's experiment", making particular note of the film's sandstorm scene.


The phrase "Deep Hurting" is reference to 1980s-era commercials for Mentholatum Deep Heating analgesic rub. The ads feature the slogan "There's no beating deep heating", along with prominently displayed red text reading "DEEP HEATING".


"Deep Hurting" was referenced several times throughout the history of the Mystery Science Theater experiment, including by Kinga Forrester, who named her spaceship/transport/tour bus the Deep Hurting in reference to the concept.