The Demon Dogs (also known as the "Dog People"), are alien creatures that invaded the Satellite of Love due to its bone-like shape. They were led by Enoch.

Behind the scenes[]

  • The Demon Dog puppets were originally created by Joel Hodgson for a live show called "Spookfest '87".
  • The Demon Dog puppets were based on a Masters of the Universe toy called Battle Bones. The toys were modified by being painted pink with a black nose and eyes, and adding ears.
    • Enoch was further modified to turn his head around so he stood upright. His legs were rearranged to face front, a cape and moustache were added, and a puppetry mechanism was installed in his head so he could speak.
    • A single Demon Dog in the Season K opening was bent into a curved shape so Joel could wear it as a hat.
  • The Demon Dogs are the first visitors to the Satellite of Love that appear inside the ship during Joel's time there.


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