Joel and Servo read Crow's script

In Experiment 313 Earth vs. the Spider, Crow presents Joel and Tom with a screenplay he has been working on in the hopes of selling it for big money back on Earth.  The screenplay, Earth vs. Soup, involves humanity doing battle with a giant bowl of soup.

Earth vs. Soup is referenced off and on throughout the rest of the series' run on Comedy Central, such as in Experiment 622 Angels Revenge where Crow writes another screenplay (Chocolate Jones and the Temple of Funk, a play on the Indiana Jones film Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom) that appears to be a version of the same idea with an added blaxploitation element.

In Experiment 704 The Incredible Melting Man, Crow's script is sold by Pearl and Dr. Forrester, but Crow encounters many frustrations in his attempt to produce the film (in a nod to the real-life problems the MST3K crew had in producing Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie).