Eddie Deezen (born March 6th, 1957 in Cumberland, Maine) is an American actor. He often plays awkward, nerdy characters and is probably best known for his appearance as Eugene in the feature film adaptation of the musical Grease (and its sequel).

Deezen has also voiced several cartoon characters, including Mandark from Dexter's Laboratory and the 'Know-It-All' boy from The Polar Express.

Riffed Movies


  • Deezen is a fan of comedian Patton Oswalt.
  • Deezen is reportedly a favorite actor of MST3K writer Elliott Kalan.
  • Deezen inspired the riffs "Stop! In the name of Eddie Deezen!" from Experiment #603 - The Dead Talk Back and "You know what this scene needs? Eddie Deezen!" from Experiment #622 - Angels Revenge.


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