For the actor, see Ed Nelson.
Who's this Mike? I don't know no Mike... ...'Cept for my kid brother Mike...
- Eddie

Edward 'Eddie' Nelson is Mike Nelson's older brother. Unlike Mike, he is fast-talking, brutish, and aggressive. He and Mike took a string of temp jobs until Mike went to work for Dr. Clayton Forrester and TV's Frank at Deep 13 and later the Satellite of Love.

Alternate Universe[]


Eddie in The Theater (Left)

While watching Time Chasers, Crow T. Robot was inspired to travel back in time, where he convinced Mike to give up taking temp jobs and, instead, concentrate on his band, Sex Factory. The band did remarkably well, opening for Motörhead (from Experiment 604 Zombie Nightmare) at the Cleveland Civic Center. However, that night, Mike was accidentally killed when he was hit on the head with a few large hotel keys thrown by female fans, dying right on stage. Eddie didn't like the fact that Mike missed some temp jobs that would almost meet minimum wage, but was proud of how Mike died, saying it was "an excellent way to go".

Eddie eventually took the temp job at Deep 13, most likely at the same time Mike Prime did, and was shot into space when "'that sleepy eyed guy' left". Eddie emotionally scarred Tom Servo so much that he became a nervous, spineless, sniveling, sycophant yes-man who sometimes repeats what others are saying around him. He forced Servo to clean his messes and used his dome as an ashtray. Eddie hates puns and will physically abuse the bots whenever they use any. Eddie would often get up for a smoke or a beer during the movies.

Following Crow's restoration of the Prime Universe, Eddie's whereabouts are unknown.

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