Elliott Kalan (pronounced "KAY-len", born in 1982) is an American comedy writer.

Kalan worked as a writer for the popular news satire show The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (which aired on Comedy Central) in from 2008 to 2014, and as Head Writer from 2014 until he and Jon Stewart left the show in 2015. Elliott Kalan won 4 Emmy Awards for his work on The Daily Show. He also appeared in small roles occasionally.

Kalan has written several books for Marvel Comics, most notably the Spider-Man and the X-Men limited series from 2015.

Kalan is the co-host of the podcast The Flop House, which discusses bad movies.

Kalan portrayed two visitors to the Satellite of Love in Season 11 - He played Dr. Varno in The Time Travelers and Mr. Whipple in Il Natale Che Quasi Non Fu

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