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Elvira, the Mistress of the Dark is a popular figure in American culture that has appeared in a variety of media since the early 1980s. She is portrayed by Cassandra Peterson.

Elvira is known for her high beehive hairdo, complex eye makeup, revealing dress & curvaceous figure, and propensity for corny jokes.

Movie Macabre

In 1981, Elvira debuted as the host of Movie Macabre, a late-night television program that showed "scary" movies. It was originally intended to revive the character Vampira, but Vampira's creator/performer Maila Nurmi left the project over creative differences.

Like Mystery Science Theater 3000, Movie Macabre features host segments consisting of short sketches. Elvira occasionally interrupts the movie, appearing on screen to make a short joke, though this did not include a running commentary such as on MST3K.

Movie Macabre ran from 1981 until 1986. It was eventually syndicated across the United States, and was re-run frequently. Episodes were also released on home video.

Movie Macabre was revived in 2010 with a 20-episode production run. Some of the films were re-used from the original run with new material produced.

The following is a list of films that appeared on both Mystery Science Theater 3000 and Movie Macabre:

Some films featured on Movie Macabre were later used by Cinematic Titanic. These include Legacy of Blood, The Doomsday Machine, The Oozing Skull (under its alternate title The Creature's Revenge), Danger on Tiki Island (under its alternate title Island of Living Horror) and Frankenstein's Castle Of Freaks. Additionally, some films used on Movie Macabre have been used by The Film Crew (Killers from Space) and RiffTrax.

Similar Projects

Starting in the mid-1980s, Elvira provided host segments for a series of home video releases called Thriller Video. The series included The Human Duplicators and Blood Waters of Dr. Z (released under the alternate title Attack of the Swamp Creatures). She later released a similar series called Elvira's Midnight Madness, which included The Crawling Hand, The Giant Gila Monster, The Brain That Wouldn't Die, Eegah, and The Wasp Woman.


Elvira with a Hobgoblin in 2014.

Elvira starred in an annual Halloween-themed live stage show at the Knott's Berry Farm theme park in Buena Park, California until 2017.

In 2014, a new series of 13 episodes was produced for the on-line streaming service Hulu, which were made available over the last 13 days of October in an event called "Thirteen Nights of Elvira". One of the films selected was Hobgoblins. Another film used was Oblivion, which became a RiffTrax presentation in 2017.

MST3K Connections

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