Emily Connor (formerly Emily Crenshaw) is a Gizmonic Institute employee. She aided Joel Robinson and his 'bots during a movie-riffing experiment. Her stated job description was "rigger". She was later identified as a Gizmonics technician.

Emily appeared in the Halloween-themed 2nd Annual Puppet Camp Livestream, during which she displayed her collection of hand-crafted celebrity-lookalike pumpkins.

During Turkey Day '20, Emily confounded Mega-Synthia with stories of her family's holiday traditions. She also stated that she was staying with her parents in the state of Virginia. When Crow pointed out that Emily had previously claimed to be an orphan, she dismissed this apparent inconsistency by saying that "continuity is a spectrum".

Unlike other test cases, Emily was not initially seen aboard the Satellite of Love. She was transported there (then presumably back to Earth) during Turkey Day '20.

Her first appearance on the show proper showed her riding in a Gizmonic Institute spaceship named "Deep Hurting" with Synthia, delivering the Simulator of Love to Moon 1. Kinga Forrester then had the idea to make Emily a concurrent host, as per Dr. Kabahl's prediction. Upon completing the installation of the Simulator, Emily became stranded in it. She bonded with the simulator's versions of Tom, Crow, and GPC as she became Kinga's newest test subject.


Emily had been depicted as clever and resourceful. She claimed to be working towards an online degree in quantum mechanics. Despite her apparent intelligence, she has been shown to be overly trusting, such as in her willingness to allow Tom Servo to practice dentistry on her. She was also apparently willing to board the Deep Hurting shuttle with Synthia without anticipating any possible negative consequences.

Emily is generally good-natured and enthusiastic about the experiments in which she was involved, viewing them as a challenge rather than as torture.

During the Time Bubble Tour, Emily described her relationship with the 'bots as "I'm kind of like your cool babysitter".

During a host segment in Turkey Day '21, Emily described herself as a "constant ball of stress and anxiety," but she was good at hiding it.

While being transported on the shuttle Deep Hurting, Emily commented about the music system, indicating that she may be an audiophile (similar to Mike).

Behind the Scenes

  • Emily is a character that was originally created for the Mystery Science Theater 3000 Live - The Great Cheesy Movie Circus Tour. She is played by Emily Marsh.
  • Emily also appears in the Mystery Science Theater 3000 Live Riff-Along, along with the rest of the Cheesy Movie Circus Tour cast. She serves as the primary test case for the experiment. She also appeared in the bumper segments of the 2nd Annual Puppet Camp Livestream and during Turkey Day '20.
  • Like Joel Robinson, Mike Nelson, and Jonah Heston, she shares the performer's first name. The character's last name was originally "Crenshaw", which would seem to have been derived from the last name of the the main prop designer/builder for the Tour, as seen in Joel Hodgson's vlogs. The character's surname was later changed to "Connor", a reference to the character Sarah Connor from the Terminator entertainment franchise.[1]
  • In her early appearances, Emily's outfit does not include a name badge.
  • On April 22, 2021, Joel Hodgson announced that Emily is planned to appear as a host in some new episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3000 funded by the second Kickstarter campaign. Joel stated that Emily will be based in a location separate from the Satellite of Love and will be joined by different versions of Crow, Tom, and GPC.
  • Emily's name change to "Connor" was announced in update #17 of the Let's Make More MST3K & Build THE GIZMOPLEX! fundraiser. It was also announced that her jumpsuit color would be changed from grey to purple, and a purple mission patch depicting her would be added to the set of shoulder patches depicting hosts Joel, Mike, and Jonah.[2] It was not specified if a name badge would be added.
  • In July of 2021 it was announced that Emily Connor would appear as part of the cast of the live Time Bubble Tour. She is the main test subject in that tour and riffs the film along with the 'bots.
  • Similar to Mike, Emily is not a Test Case when she first appears on the show, and her first episode ends with the Mads getting the idea to make her one.
  • Similar to Jonah, Emily's first episode as host includes a musical number, though it occurs at the end rather than partway through.