Emily Connor (formerly Emily Crenshaw) is a Gizmonic Institute employee.


Emily's first experience with the Mystery Science Theater 3000 experiment came when she supported Joel Robinson and his 'bots as a "rigger" during a movie-riffing tour.

She and the bots later riffed an old recording of Robinson's time on board The Satellite of Love, Experiment 111 - Moon Zero Two, as well as the short Circus Day.

During a Halloween-themed Livestream, she displayed her collection of hand-crafted celebrity-lookalike pumpkins.

While celebrating Turkey Day '20, Emily confounded Mega-Synthia with stories of her family's holiday traditions. She also stated that she was staying with her parents in the state of Virginia. When Crow pointed out that Emily had previously claimed to be an orphan, she dismissed this apparent inconsistency by saying that "continuity is a spectrum".

Emily and the Bots later went on a tour where they riffed on the film Making Contact under the watch of Mega-Synthia Forrester. At this time, she described her relationship to the Bots as that of a "cool babysitter".

After the destruction of Moon 13 and the building of the Gizmoplex, Kinga Forrester had the Simulator of Love constructed. It was delivered by Synthia and Emily (apparently with no memory of her earlier encounters), who towed it to Moon 1 with the ship Deep Hurting. Emily was put in charge of installing the Simulator, noting that her bosses at the Gizmonic Institute had no idea she was there. Dr. Kabahl had given Kinga the idea that a second host for the Mystery Science Theater 3000 experiment would be popular and profitable, so Kinga trapped Emily aboard the Simulator of Love with the Simulator's version of Tom, Crow and GPC.

Emily made contact with Jonah Heston and the time-displaced Joel Robinson, and the trio eventually engineered an escape from Kinga using the Time Bag.


Emily had been depicted as clever and resourceful. She claimed to be working towards an online degree in quantum mechanics. Despite her apparent intelligence, she has been shown to be overly trusting, such as in her willingness to allow Tom Servo to practice dentistry on her. She was also apparently willing to board the Deep Hurting shuttle with Synthia without anticipating any possible negative consequences.

Emily is generally good-natured and enthusiastic about the experiments in which she was involved, viewing them as a challenge rather than as torture.

During Experiment #1310, Emily stated that she was from America and consequently does not like spicy food.

During a host segment in Turkey Day '21, Emily described herself as a "constant ball of stress and anxiety," but she was good at hiding it.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • Emily is a character that was originally created for the Mystery Science Theater 3000 Live - The Great Cheesy Movie Circus Tour. She is played by Emily Marsh.
  • Like Joel Robinson, Mike Nelson, and Jonah Heston, she shares the performer's first name. The character's last name was originally "Crenshaw", which would seem to have been derived from the last name of the the main prop designer/builder for the Tour, as seen in Joel Hodgson's vlogs. The character's surname was later changed to "Connor", a reference to the character Sarah Connor from the Terminator entertainment franchise.[1]
  • In her early appearances, Emily's outfit does not include a name badge.
  • On April 22, 2021, Joel Hodgson announced that Emily would appear as a host in some new episodes of the Season 13 episodes of MST3K funded by the second Kickstarter campaign. Joel stated that Emily would be based in a location separate from the Satellite of Love and would be joined by different versions of Crow, Tom, and GPC.
  • Emily's name change to "Connor" was announced in update #17 of the Let's Make More MST3K & Build THE GIZMOPLEX! fundraiser. It was also announced that her jumpsuit color would be changed from grey to purple, and a purple mission patch depicting her would be added to the set of shoulder patches depicting hosts Joel, Mike, and Jonah.[2] It was not specified if a name badge would be added.



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