Emily Crenshaw is a Gizmonic Institute employee. She aided Joel Robinson and his 'bots during a movie-riffing experiment. Her stated job description was "rigger".

Emily appeared in the Halloween-themed 2nd Annual Puppet Camp Livestream, during which she displayed her collection of hand-crafted celebrity-lookalike pumpkins.

During Turkey Day '20, Emily confounded Mega-Synthia with stories of her family's holiday traditions. She also stated that she was staying with her parents in the state of Virginia. When Crow pointed out that Emily had previously claimed to be an orphan, she dismissed this apparent inconsistency by saying that "continuity is a spectrum".

Unlike other test cases, Emily was not initially seen aboard the Satellite of Love. She was transported there (then presumably back to Earth) during Turkey Day '20.


Emily had been depicted as clever and resourceful. She claimed to be working towards an online degree in quantum mechanics. Despite her apparent intelligence, she has been shown to be overly trusting, such as in her willingness to allow Tom Servo to practice dentistry on her.

Emily is generally good-natured and enthusiastic about the experiments in which she was involved, viewing them as a challenge rather than as torture.

Behind the Scenes

  • Emily's outfit does not include a name badge.
  • On April 22, 2021, Joel Hodgson announced that Emily Crewnshaw is planned to appear as a host in some new episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3000 funded by the second Kickstarter campaign. Joel stated that Emily will be based in a location separate from the Satellite of Love and will be joined by different versions of Crow, Tom, and GPC.
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