Enoch is the "king and charismatic leader" of the Dog People, alien creatures who attacked the Satellite of Love. Visting the bridge, Enoch explained that the Dog People wished to pray to the "giant bone" (and, just maybe, get a taste). They believe it to be the Sacred Nylon Chew Toy and they intended to bury it on the far side of the moon.

Once he learns that the "bone" is inhabited, Enoch agrees to call off his minions. Despite Enoch's offer of Tranya, Crow is antagonistic torwards him, Tom Servo is still angry that the Demon Dogs relieved themselves on him and Gypsy attacks and swallows Enoch whole. Crow attempted to impersonate Enoch, but without success.


  • Enoch and the Demon Dogs are the first visitors to the Satellite of Love to appear inside the ship during Joel's time there.

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