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Escape 2000 is a 1983 action film directed by Enzo G. Castellari. It is a sequel to the 1982 film 1990: The Bronx Warriors.


MST3k HS in Escape the Bronx

Escape 2000

The "General Construction Corporation" hires a group of militarized thugs to re-locate or murder everyone living in the Bronx so they can re-purpose the area with upscale apartment buildings. When renegade gang leader "Trash" (Mark Gregory, reprising his role from 1990: The Bronx Warriors) discovers these "Disinfestors" have killed his parents, he decides to seek revenge. Things get blown up, people get killed, and the main villain is named "Floyd Wangler."[1]



Escape 2000

"Leave the Bronx. You are ordered to leave the Bronx."

  • On the wall in the apartment of Trash's parents is a large black and white poster of Mark Gregory from 1990: The Bronx Warriors.
  • Carla Brait cameos as the Ironman leader from the first movie 1990: The Bronx Warriors.
  • Director Enzo G. Castellari cameos as the Radio operator with the mustache.
  • The full death toll in the uncut version is 174. There are 110 killed in shootings, 40 in explosions, nine by flamethrowers, one by stabbing, one off-screen kill, four unknowns, six electrocutions, two bashed in the face with a helmet and one face turned to red mush after being hit with a shotgun butt.
  • Giancarlo Prete (Strike) and Andrea Coppola (Jay) also appear in Warriors of the Wasteland, another similarly post-apocalyptic Italian movie that would later be featured on Rifftrax.
  • Not to be confused with another film entitled Escape 2000, released in 1982, starring Steve Railsback and Olivia Hussey.
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