Finnegan was an artificial being of some kind manifested by the Observers during Experiment # 805 - The Thing That Couldn't Die. He materialized on the Satellite of Love, beat up Mike, jumped around and laughed, hit Mike some more, then disappeared.


  • Finnegan was played by Paul Chaplin.
  • Finnegan was inspired by a character of the same name and temperament from the original Star Trek TV series episode "Shore Leave". In that episode, Finnegan was a robotic being that was created to provide diversion for Captain Kirk. Finnegan was constructed to mimic the appearance and actions of another student who had tormented Kirk at Starfleet Academy (hence Finnegan's referring to Mike as an "underclassman" and their "Academy days").
  • It is unclear if the Finnegan who appeared on the Satellite of Love was also a robot. He could also have been a biological life form, or some kind of energy construct.

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