Fortinbras is a character from the end of the play Hamlet. A prince from Norway who ascends to the throne of Denmark after everyone else in the line of succession has been killed, Fortinbras is often omitted from productions and adaptations in order to shorten the running time.

After Mike and the 'Bots viewed the German television adaptation of Hamlet, Fortinbras arrived at Castle Forrester to complain that he had been left out. Pearl offered to accommodate him, but this was a ruse. After Fortinbras listed the things he would require for his scene (including a corpse), Pearl gives him a vial of her new experimental poison and tells him to pour it in his ear. He complies, and quickly succumbs.


  • Fortinbras is the main character in the 1991 stage play Fortinbras by Lee Blessing. This humorous sequel depicts Fortinbras encountering the ghosts of nearly every dead character from Hamlet.
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