For the Season K episode, see MST3K K12 - Fugitive Alien.
For the Season 3 episode, see MST3K 310 - Fugitive Alien.

Fugitive Alien is a 1986 feature distributed by Sandy Frank, which is assembled from episodes of the 1978 Japanese science fiction TV series Star Wolf.


A deadly Star Wolf warrior named Ken from the planet Valna Star takes part in an attack on Earth. After disobeying orders and accidentally killing his best friend (a fellow Star Wolf), Ken becomes a fugitive alien rescued by the Earth starship the Bacchus 3. The crew of the Bacchus 3 includes alcoholic Captain Joe, Rocky the pilot, navigator Dan, Billy, and Tammy.

Ken joins the Bacchus 3 team at Captain Joe’s invitation. At first, Rocky distrusts Ken, but later they become friends. Tammy has an unrequited crush on Ken. Meanwhile, Ken’s girlfriend Rita, who is also the sister of the Star Wolf that Ken killed, is ordered by Valna Star ruler Lord Halkon to avenge her brother's death by finding and killing Ken.

The Bacchus 3 visits the planet Kararan. Ken leaves the ship, and gets himself thrown in prison. Via two-way radio, Captain Joe orders Ken to find a Colonel from the planet Saysar in the same prison and break him out. After accomplishing this mission, Ken encounters Rita. Rita still loves Ken, so she can’t bring herself to kill him. Rita is then killed when she and Ken are attacked by Kararan guards. Ken and the Saysarean Colonel make it back to the Bacchus 3 and escape.


  • Tatsuya Azuma as Ken
  • Miyuki Tanigawa as Tammy
  • Jô Shishido as Captain Joe
  • Chôei Takahashi as Rocky
  • Tsutomu Yukawa as Dan
  • Hiro Tateyama as Billy
  • Akihiko Hirata as Space Force official
  • Shouhei Yamamoto as Lord Halkon


  • The credits spell producer Akira Tsuburaya's first name as "Akiri".
  • The Star Wolf TV series was based on a series of novels by Edmond Hamilton.
  • A sequel comprised of two additional episodes was distributed in 1987.
  • Shouhei Yamamoto, who portrayed Halkon, would later play General Giluke in the 1985 Super Sentai Dengeki Sentai Changeman; and would notably undergo a power-up to a form similar in appearance to his former role as Lord Halkon from Star Wolf/Fugitive Alien.

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