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Born in Pasadena, California, George Nader (October 19, 1921 - February 4, 2002) began his film career in 1950 after earning his B.A. in theater arts. Nader appeared in several productions at the Pasadena Playhouse. That work led to a number of bit parts in 1951 and 1952. His his first starring role was in Robot Monster (1953), a 3-D feature film directed by Phil Tucker. This role and his rugged good looks won him a Universal Studios contract in the 1950s, and he made a number of films for Universal. In 1955, he won a Golden Globe Award for Most Promising Newcomer.

However, in the mid 1960s, rumors about Nader's private life began to surface. The news reached the editors of a scandal sheet called "Confidential Magazine," which threatened to publish the details of Nader's supposed relationship with Rock Hudson. (In fact, Nader's companion was Mark Miller, Hudson's personal secretary.) It was whispered at the time that the studio cut a deal and agreed to fire Nader if the information about Hudson was kept quiet. Whatever the truth, Nader's career in Hollywood was ended.

He and Miller moved to Europe, where Nader found steady work in films. A notable role during this period was as U.S. government agent Jerry Cotton in a German film series.

In the mid 1970s, Nader was involved in a serious auto accident and suffered an eye injury, after which it became difficult for him to endure the bright lights required for acting. Nader began a career as a writer. He authored several science-fiction works, including the 1978 novel Chrome.

Nader and Miller eventually returned to the U.S. and settled in Palm Springs, California. Stricken by multiple medical problems, Nader entered the hospital in September 2001. He died at Woodland Hills, California, of cardiopulmonary failure, pneumonia, and multiple cerebral infarctions. Nader is survived by Miller, his cousin Sally Kubley, and his nephew, actor Michael Nader.[1]

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  • In their early film prime (1950s), Nader and fellow star Rock Hudson helped each other in protecting their heterosexual image in Hollywood. Despite the fact that Nader's career was essentially sabotaged in order to save Hudson's reputation, Hudson and Nader remained lifelong friends. Nader was named one of the beneficiaries of Hudson's $27M estate when Hudson died of AIDS in 1985.[2]
  • He has no known relation to consumer advocate Ralph Nader.


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