"Get in Your Mech" is a song from Experiment #1202 - Atlantic Rim. It is an improvised song sung by Jonah and the 'Bots when Kinga and Max want a catchy song similar to "Every Country Has a Monster", as both Atlantic Rim and Reptilicus have a monster in them.

The music and lyrics were written by Storm DiCostanzo and Paul Sabourin of Paul & Storm, with the lyrics also being co-written by Hampton Yount and Elliot Kalan.

The Set-Up

(Servo and Crow show up in mech suits)
Crow T. Robot: Jonah, why do we have to wear these stupid, stupid mech suits?
Tom Servo: Yeah, this one's really tight on my, uh, area.
Jonah Heston: (sighs) Don't ask me, Kinga decreed it.
Kinga Forrester: I sure did. We're on episode 2 and I think we need a big viral ear worm like last season's hit song, "Every Country Has a Monster".
Max: Reptilicus had a monster in it. Atlantic Rim has got a monster in it. It calls out for a banging jam! The mech suits add production value.
Jonah: But "Every Country Has a Monster" was just one of those things you can't possibly recreate by design!
Servo: Yeah. It was the first sketch of the new season.
Jonah: Yeah.
Servo: There we were, an all new cast trying to make sense of it all, and we simply, humbly, knocked it out of the park.
Jonah: Well...
Crow: Yeah, proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that we were indeed pure magic!
Jonah: Crow, maybe not that, but we--you can't just demand we come up with a brilliant song.
Kinga: But we do. We do demand it. Or I'll hit the shock dickies!
(both Kinga and Max chuckle)
Jonah: Well, I don't know what that is, but it sounds painful. Uh... Growler, M. Waverly... hit it!
(Gypsy in a blue mech suit, Growler and M. Waverly appear playing the keyboard and drums respectively as the song begins)
Crow: Oh, sick beat drop.
Servo: Yeah.
Jonah: Okay...
Servo: This is a jam.
Gypsy: I like this.
Jonah: Yeah, we could do this. Should I start, or...
Servo: Yeah, you should start, definitely you.


Jonah: We're going cruising ain't never gonna slow down
Crow: Dancing like pirates in a Punxsutawney hoedown
Servo: Electric city or a borough or a township
Jonah: Life is a circus and we're living at the clown tip
Crow: Badgers in the backyard because of all the solar flares
Servo: Don't ever sublet your apartment to some polar bears
Jonah: (spoken) Um... I made an omelet out of 2700 eggs.
Servo: (spoken) Yeah!
Crow and Servo: He really, really, really, really, really, really loves eggs
Jonah: My racing machine poutine-ing the fries
Gypsy: And sleepy Graham Greene can barely keep his eyes open
Servo: Get in your mech
Crow: Protect ya neck
Jonah: Like Gregory Peck would do if he were alive
Gypsy: Don't work on spec
Crow and Servo: A post-dated check
Jonah and the 'Bots: Genuflect and get in your mech and drive

The Aftermath

Kinga: Guys, guys, guys, guys, this is--this is nowhere near the majesty of "Every Country Has a Monster". This is... not what we had in mind!
Max: Yeah, it stinks! A--a--and not in the joke way, it just really stinks.
Jonah and the 'Bots: We built a deck with Alex Trebek
Funky discotheque...
Jonah: (spoken) Oh, we got Movie Sign!


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