"Hi, it's me Tom Servo! Don't try to figure it out, pal, I've got at least a dozen of me. Awwwww... good night, heh!"
  — Giant Tom Servo, Future War

MST3k- Giant Servo in the theater during the end of FUTURE WAR

Giant Tom Servo.

A Giant Tom Servo mysteriously appeared from time to time on the SOL.


This giant version of the real Tom Servo first appeared in Experiment 618 High School Big Shot and was last seen in Experiment 1004 Future War.

The giant Servo was last seen growling at the real Servo after the real Tom had pulled a prank on both Mike and Crow by making himself out to be the size of a dinosaur that caused the latter two to run out of the theatre scared. The real Tom turned around laughing at his mischievious deed only to be disappointed that there was an actual dinosaur-sized version of himself leaning right above him.

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