Goosio, friend to all Maltese children.

Goosio was a character (played by Patrick Brantseg) who appeared in a host segment in episode 1008, Final Justice.

In one of the episode's theater segments, Mike pointed to a parade float and said "It's the beloved Maltese children's character Goosio!" In a subsequent host segment, Goosio, friend to Maltese children everywhere, appeared on the Satellite of Love as a goodwill ambassador. Crow and Tom assumed that Goosio was a lifeless puppet that Mike was using to play a joke on them and proceeded to savagely attack and kill Goosio, much to Mike's dismay.

In the moments before his gruesome death, Goosio sings a heartwarming song of joy;

"The Ballad of Goosio"

Goosio Goosio Goosio!

Did you know I'm Goosio?

Friend to Maltese children everywhere-io

Goosio Goosio Goosio!

I bet you knew-sio

It's me-sio, your friend Goosio

Goosio Goosio Goosio!

Everyone loves Goosio!

Gather 'round children and hear my song

I'm Goosio Goosio Goosio!

Goosio loves you everyone

Goosio!  Ha ha ha ha ha!

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