Growler is a robot built by Jonah Heston. He is exceedingly easy-going, and enjoys playing the piano (but not in a show-off-y kind of way). When introducing him, Jonah stated that he intended Growler to be as likable as Rowlf the Dog from The Muppets.

Despite Jonah's efforts to create an extremely likable robot, Crow and Tom were hostile towards Growler. They later apologized to him after Jonah's presumed death during the wedding and stated that they would now treat Growler the way they treated Jonah: with a lot of mocking and stealing of his stuff. Growler simply took it in stride.

At the time of his introduction, Growler was apparently unfamiliar with the songs of Leonard Cohen. It is not clear if he has learned to play any of Cohen's music since.

Growler continued to appear throughout Season 12 and in the Mystery Science Theater 3000 comic book, assisting in host segments and occasionally offering riffs during experiments. In the comic book, Growler's body is depicted as a cart that has a piano on it. Growler appears in the poster for The Mindless Summer livestream events. He is depicted with legs.

Growler was present during the 30th Anniversary Live Tour. He was not part of the Watch Out for Snakes! Tour or the Great Cheesy Movie Circus Tour. He and M. Waverly appeared in a short segment during The Final Countdown, Part II.


Growler as henchman

In Episode 1302, Kinga said that Growler and M. Waverly had cleaned up damage in the Kingadome after the meteor storm, but they did not appear. Growler and M. Waverly were later officially hired by Kinga to be her new henchmen, with helmets reminiscent of the Boneheads'. They helped put out the fires on Moon 1 that resulted from Max having been left in charge during Episode 1308. Growler did not seem to share M. Waverly's enthusiasm for villainy, and he seemed to be willing to stay in the henchman job for he benefits it provided.

Growler was capable of driving the Halftrax vehicle.

Behind the Scenes[]



  • So far, Growler is the only robot to feature hands with individual articulated fingers.
  • Early concept art indicated that Growler was planned to appear in the Great Cheesy Movie Circus Tour, but these plans did not materialize.

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