Hadrian (76-138) was the Emperor of Rome from 117 AD to 138 AD.

Hadrian valued military preparedness and discipline. During his reign, he visited every territory in the Empire. He was known for several construction projects that he implemented, including rebuilding the Pantheon and a wall in Britain that bears his name.

"Hadrian" appeared on the Satellite of Love during Experiment # 805. He was manifested by the Observers after they incorrectly read Mike's thoughts about Adrienne Barbeau. He materialized, made a brief speech in Latin, then began brawling with Mike in the same style as Finnegan. He was soon replaced by Adrienne Barbeau.


  • It is unclear if the Hadrian who appeared on the Satellite of Love was the real person, pulled out of time and space by the Observers. He could also have been some biological life form that mimicked the original Hadrian (presumably based on Mike's knowledge of him), or some kind of energy construct.
  • Hadrian was not yet born at the time of the Great Fire of Rome in 64 AD. Is it unclear if he could have ever known Flavia or Callipygeas.

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