For the MST3K episode, see MST3K K19 - Hangar 18.

Hangar 18 is a 1980 conspiracy thriller directed by James L. Conway. It attempted to capitalize on the UFO interest of the era. Although it reportedly earned a gross profit of only $6 million, it tantalized those who were intrigued by stories of government cover-ups of UFOs (such as the Roswell incident).


Shortly after the launch of a satellite from a space shuttle, the satellite collides with an UFO in front of the crew's eyes. Because of an upcoming election, some politicians try to hide the crashed UFO inside Hangar 18.



  • Sunn Classic Pictures specialized in documentaries. Some promotional material implied that this film was based on actual events.
  • When the film was shown on NBC-TV in 1983 under the title Invasion Force, it had a different ending.
  • A novelization was released in 1980. Authorship was credited to Charles E. Sellier Jr. (the film's producer) and Robert Weverka.
  • Heavy-metal band Megadeth performed a song named "Hangar 18" based on this movie.

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Critical Response[]

  • Leonard Maltin wrote: "One-and-a-half stars ... Slickly made, but about as credible as The Three Stooges in Orbit."[1]
  • On the February 5, 1981 episode of the TV show Sneak Previews, film reviewers Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert both voted No on recommending Hangar 18. They placed special emphasis on the bait-and-switch tactics used in the TV ad campaign.


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