Yeah, we named him Henry Kissinger because of his scalp.
- Crow

Henry Kissinger is the unseen chimpanzee ordered by Crow and Tom from Instant Monkeys Online during Episode #822. He was named after the former Secretary of State and National Security Advisor.

Henry Kissenger gets along well with Crow and Tom, but feels threatened by Mike’s "aggressive posture". To appease Henry, Mike rubs his chest (with the back of his hand as the front made Henry angry), lolls his head back and forth, drools slightly, and "ooks" softly.

Later, Henry takes up residence in the Satellite of Love's rafters. Bobo visits the SoL to talk Henry down, but the chimp befriends Bobo and the two begin throwing various objects at Mike and the Bots. Forced to take action, Mike shoots them both with a blowgun. The two simians fall unconscious to the floor, much to Crow and Servo's displeasure.

Henry Kissinger's fate is unknown.

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