Mike: Boy that sure is a bad movie, wont you

Tom: It sure is you know

Crow: Say fellas here's a little song about that movie Hobgoblins

Mike: Are you kidding me?

Tom: Then let's go

All (Singing): Hobgoblins, Hobgoblins, What do you do with those Hobgoblins?

They're over here, They're over there. Those darn Hobgoblins are everywhere.


Tom: Yea

All (Singing): As we sing the Hobgoblin sooooong! Tooodaaaay!

Mike: Look out, here comes one now

Crow: Watch out now you little doo-dad

Tom: Something's sure going to happen.

Mike (Distorted): Well I guess we all learned a big lesson about Hobgoblins today

Tom & Crow (Distorted): Boy we sure did Mike

Mike: Stupid thing

Crow: Oh Boy

All (Singing Uncomfortably): Hobgoblins, Hobgoblins what do you do with

Tom (Yelling): Run!!!


  • This song inspired the theme song to the sequel Hobgoblins 2.